This course is specially catered for beginners to teach how to design basic GRAPHICS & LOGOS using Adobe Illustrator.

Whether you want to create Graphics for your Website / blog, social media pages, to sell in your online shop or create your own Graphic design business, then this course will teach you what you need to know to start designing RIGHT AWAY.

Hi. I’m Salma and I’m the designer & creative mind behind this website. I am from the beautiful town called Coonoor, situated in the Niligiris, India. By qualification, I have a Masters in Biometerics and Cyber Security and by heart & passion I am a crocheter, craft lover, blogger and a Design enthusiast.

I love everything pink and pretty as you can see from my website & have obsession with organizing and keeping things simple and neat 🙂 if that’s a crime, I am guilty (wink…)

I am here to help other women bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to make a strong online presence with the help of elegant and professional branding and websites.

In this e-course I am going to teach you how to attain basic graphic design knowleDge and design your own blog , social media graphics and logos. 


  • Any creative enthusiast who wants to learn how to create basic Graphics.
  • Bloggers who want to design their own blog and social media graphics.
  • Entrepreneurs who don’t want to spend much by hiring designers for thier graphical requirements.
  • Who want to sell graphic elements or logos in their online shop.
  • A stay-at-home mom who loves to design organizing graphics and party gifts.
  • Students who want to learn Adobe Illustrator basics for school project / part-time job.
  • Who want to design their own E-book/ workbooks.
  • For professionals who want to design their own Branding materials like business cards, labels, brochures, etc.


  • Anyone who is interested in grapics & logo designing can take up this course.
  • No prior knowledge about Adobe Illustrator is required.
  • It is recommended that you a have access to a computer with Adobe Illustrator (CS4 or above) pre-installed.

What you’ll learn


Welcome kit, Basics and how to create a document.


Color palettes, swatches, type tools & shapes



Pen-tools, shape transformation tools, merge, etc.



Steps on creating simple seamless patterns and how to use blend tool.


Creating simple icons / social media graphics for your blog



Designing simple Logos and business card and how to save them for Web and print.


Free 1-Hr video on how to Create & Sell Printables (Worth $25 USD)


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Payment options available

After 72 hours, the PRICE will be $129 & YOU WILL NOT GET the Fast-action Bonus (How to create and sell Printables)

PRICE will go upto $129 USD soon.


This course launches on September 20 and you will have full access to the course videos and can view any time you want.

*** This price will never go lower than $99. However, the price has the potential to go up, so make sure you act fast!

© SALMA SHERIFF. All Rights Reserved

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